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Petcaskets Frequently Asked Questions

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Can I bury an ACRITEK« Petcasket in my back yard?
AnswerPetcaskets can be buried underground but please be sure to check with local authorities/agencies to ensure compliance with local laws.

2. An online company is claiming to offer 100% Biodegradable plastic pet caskets. How is that possible?
We called the company making this claim of their plastic casket's biodegradability and were told that an additive is included in the plastic which requires between "35 to 350 years for the material to degrade" but that they had not tested the material.  Many plastics today may include an additive that will allow the material to degrade when exposed to sunlight which will obviously not work when buried underground.
3. Can ACRITEK« Petcaskets be cremated?
AnswerTypically, no but you should check with your veterinarian, animal hospital, pet cemetery or local funeral home to determine what services are offered.
4. How long will ACRITEK« Petcaskets last when buried underground?
AnswerPetcaskets are made from a non-toxic, non-biodegradable composite acrylic material that will not readily degrade when buried underground.
5. How good is the seal on ACRITEK« Petcaskets?
AnswerACRITEK« Petcaskets include double sided adhesive tape to ensure the lid is affixed to the base of the casket.  It is a permanent seal.
6. Can ACRITEK« Petcaskets be locked?
AnswerPetcaskets are secured using double sided adhesive tape but do not include locking hardware.  Click here to read the casket sealing guide.
7. My pet died today. Where can I store him/her while waiting to
    receive a Petcasket?
AnswerPlease telephone your veterinarian for advice.
8. How should I prepare my pet for burial in an ACRITEK« Petcasket?
AnswerPlace your pet on the included mattress in the comfortable lying down position then cover your pet with the burial shroud. After saying your final goodbyes and prayers, seal the casket lid to the base using the included double sided adhesive tape.  Your pet is now ready for a proper burial.
9. Can I bury my pet at a local pet cemetery?
AnswerBurial at a cemetery is a good option.  Check with your local cemetery.
10. Are ACRITEK« Petcaskets available in colors?
AnswerYes, in due course.
11. How do I seal an ACRITEK« Petcasket?
Answer Click here to read the casket sealing guide.
12. Will you be offering urns?
AnswerWithin 6 months.
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