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Pets are an integral part of our families and deserve the best.  In gratitude for their years of trust, dedication, friendship and devoted affection, the staff are pleased to offer an opportunity for a dignified farewell with our specially manufactured, rich Soft White ACRITEK® pet caskets.

We are saddened by your loss and offer solace.  We are pet owners ourselves and respectfully understand the need to lay your pet to rest with dignity and allow you to preserve their memories forever. Our pet caskets are ergonomically designed and accommodate the natural shape of a pet’s most comfortable supine position.

Flowers make a beautiful backdrop combined
with decorative candles and potted flowers
for your pet's funeral ceremony.

ACRITEK® is a proprietary composite material manufactured from premium acrylic used to produce each of the caskets offered at  The unique material combines the excellent properties of a traditional acrylic surface with thermal insulation and structural rigidity.
ACRITEK® is environmentally friendly and contains no toxic fiberglass, poisonous resins or non-recyclable components.  Our caskets are carefully manufactured in a modern CANADIAN factory, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and a proprietary process proudly using AMERICAN materials.  Each casket has a double walled base and lid providing rigidity, stability, sturdiness and serves as a deterrent against wild animals and predators.
ACRITEK® manufactures pet caskets that are pleasing to the eye, distinctive and secure.  Our funeral products are produced to exacting specifications and meet unique design criteria.  The unparalleled acrylic exterior has a white reserve surface which is smooth, uniform and clean in appearance.  Unlike conventional products there are no requirements for paint or coatings to hide defects!
Remember those years of love, dedication, friendship and devoted affection.  Give your departed friend a farewell in a casket that is secure, distinctive and respectful.  Honour your pet - forever.
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